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Abu-Farsakh, Amirmojahedi, & Haque - Implementation Of LTRC Research On Pile Design

Allady - Subsurface Exploration Is Not Complete Till All Foundations Are Constructed

​Alzamora - FHWA MSE Wall Updates

​Bakeer - Evaluation And Interpretation Of Pile Driving Records

​Brown - A Foundation Engineering Trip Down The Mississippi River

​Dasenbrock - Using A-GaME Techniques Routinely For MnDOT Projects

​Deaton - Geotechnical Data Interchange And Risk Management

​DiMaggio - Risk In Geoconstruction and Geoengineering

​Ding - Drilled Shaft Bottom Inspection

​Eaves - IH 69/ US 59 SBML Bridge Repair At The San Jacinto River From Damage Due To Hurricane Harvey

​Ferguson - Evaluation of Cement Modified Soil With Micro-cracking

​Gomez - Heat Of Hydration Of Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC)

​Griswell - Experience With Face Loss Failures

​Duffy & Meyer - Safe Working Platforms Initiative

​Hutchinson & Myers - Case Study: MSE Walls Over Controlled Modulus Columns

​Jessee - Design Of Drilled Shafts Socketed In Weak Rock In Oklahoma

​Johnson & Collins - Innovative Slope Monitoring To Support Landslide Mitigation

​Klentzman - US Highway 65 Emergency Pavement Subgrade Improvement

​Lemmon - Continuing Challenges And Remediation's At The US 89 Bitter Springs Landslide, Arizona

​Lobato - Utilizing Difficult Access Techniques To Retrofit And Strengthen Existing Infrastructure

MacMillan - Attach The Threat -> Moisture​

​Maswoswe - Upcoming Drilled Shaft Policy Changes

​Melton - Drilled Shaft Foundations For I-110 Interchange Modifications At Terrace Ave

​Monarco - Use Of Geophysical Methods By Federal Lands Highway

​Moore - Geotechnical Applications For Manufactured Lightweight Aggregates

​Neill & Kim - Geostructural Instrumentation And Performance Monitoring

​Nichols - Addressing Issues With Large Diameter Foundation Elements

​Olson - Pile Damage Assessment Using Pile Dynamic Analysis

​Rivers - Bring It! Your A-GaME

​Roberts - A Geotechnical Asset Management (GAM) Platform For Transportation Monitoring

​Sirles - Use Of Various Geophysical Methods For Appropriate Applications

​Smith - Multi-Faceted Site Investigation In Karst Terrain For Foundation Design

​Willis, Cerminaro, & Klock - Erosion Protection For Highway Stream Embankment Using Precast Modular Block

​Yoon - Slope Stabilization And MSEW Repair Using Drilled Shafts